Monday, August 23, 2010

Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 12:12 PM

So this is my incomplete email that I sent last week. The power went out before I could finish and it stayed out for a few hours. So I am just going to finish up this one and add what I have this week to make one big one:

So you guys have some pretty crazy stories from there in Oakdale. I am glad Hunter is enjoying school but too bad Samantha is with that mean girl again haha. I guess next time you will be ready for that wasp if you run into it again Mom.
My Spanish is definitely not to the point that people think I am local neither do I have an accent yet. I am studying every morning and with my companion but it is taking me a while. I guess I am learning patience right? That is cool to hear how Taylor is doing and I am sure he is loving it.

It sounds like Liz, Hillary,and Anna had quite an adventure. Hopefully they have recooperated from it by now.

I really liked the video from Grandma Ochs. Grandma, I`ll try to show you how to fall from a tree onto my feet if you want me to but I may need some more practice before. I got the video of Grandpa this week and I really liked it too.

But the closer shot you took move it up more to the Northeast and it should be there. I can`t point it out from the bigger picture but if you move it I can. It is just a little more up from that corner.

Rachel I am not exactly sure what last name is the sister who went to Panamà but I will ask her.

So this week here in Ciudad Sandino was good. I am learning more and more from my companion and about our area. We had Stake Conference here the last Sunday and that went well.

The other day we were visiting a member and he was telling us how before he was a member he was a Buddhist haha. He told and demonstrated all of the rituals for us and they were really funny. Especially because he looks like the Buddha. He also showed us how Evangelicals worship by jumping around the room in patterns. It sounds really weird but it was hilarious.

So speaking of other members, we contacted this lady last week, taught her the first lesson, left a commitment, returned to teach more about the Book of Mormon, gave her a Book of Mormon , and finally challenged her with a baptismal date before she finally told us she was already a member haha. It was embarrassing but now we have a less active to activate and her family.

The other day we were walking in the hills at the edge of our area when we saw an old guy walking up this hill really slow with crutches. I stopped and asked him if he needs help. He asked me for one cordoba and I told him he couldn`t buy anything for one cordoba but I gave him the one I had in my pocket anyways. Once I did that he asked if we were Mormon missionaries. He then told us that he has read the Book of Mormon up to Alma. He told us his wife thinks the book is of the devil but he just tells her "The book talks about God so it can`t be about the devil." He has highlighted in his Book of Mormon every time it mentions Lord, Savior, Senor, and God. It was a bad thing that he fell that night and broke his collar bone, the good thing is that he is always in his house so we can teach him whenever we want. He really likes us coming over but I am not to sure about his wife.

We have a few people we are preparing for baptism these upcoming weeks so I am really looking forward to it.

We had our stake conference this last Sunday and President Monestel and his wife came to talk.

We have been having some crazy storms hear and deafening thunder. I have been worrying almost every night that our room will flood. We still haven`t bought a umbrella though.

I also have learned how to wash my clothes by hand on a stone. All of our clothes have been sitting for about 2 weeks because our lady who washes them has been sick. So every night we would wash a pair for the next day and let it dry over night on our fans. We also used some Nicaraguan irons to iron our shirts.

So Rachel, that looks like a pretty crazy looking fruit. I think there is a similar looking fruit here but the shell is green. It has a gel like cover that is really sweet. We have a bunch of those dinosaurs all over our room.

That is crazy news that Hillary is getting married with Justin Ponce. Tell Hillary and Justin congratulations. That is awesome! I bet Brennan will enjoy playing out at the Ranch with him. I don`t know if Brennan remembers but he played commando with Justin Ponce before and we couldn`t catch them.

I need to send Grandma and Grandpa a thank you letter.

Dad I don`t know anything about this whole bed leg breaking business you got going but tell Mom I love her.

I am sending you some pictures of the lake we went to a few P-Days ago.

Well I love you all and thanks for supporting me and helping me out. Love you and Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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