Monday, August 9, 2010

Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 2:17 PM

Those pictures were so cool to see! I can´t believe how big Brennan has got. It looks like Braydon has to be careful now, but I think I can still take him haha. So it sounds like Milo is enjoying his time at the house lounging around. It is good to hear that he still is in attack mode haha. I didn´t know you were making a temple bag Mom? It looks really cool. Sorry to hear that the hammock squishes you Dad. Here they put sticks on both ends of the hammock so it won´t close in because there are a lot of big people here too haha. I am not sure how they do it but it spreads out the hammock.

Elder Garcia actually knows more English than any other comp I have had so far. He surprises me sometimes with the words he knows. But usually I can only understand him if he talks in Spanish. I like sharing the house with other missionaries. The other set are the Zone Leaders so they keep us on our toes which is good. The room that Elder Garcia and I are in is about the size of Rachel's room, so we are in close quarters. We can´t fit chairs and tables in there so we have to do all of our studying on our beds. I don´t have pictures right now but I will send you some. We live with a recent convert who does our clothes so it is nice having everything close. Our dinner cita here is so good. She makes any Nicaraguan food taste great some how. We aren´t doing Retention here in Sandino, we are normal missionaries now. But I have a lot of ideas of what I want do now to work with the recent converts and less actives.

So Angie, Anna, and Jacob were out at the Ranch! That is awesome. How are they doing. What is Jacob doing now?

So Rachel (Patton) said she had a convert from Nicaragua? That is interesting. The Nicaraguans here love Spaniards.

I want to print out that picture of Jesus riding the dinosaur and put on my next agenda. I will show you how it turns out next change haha.

Kacey Stout is working at Big 5! He will have fun there especially since his cousin is there too. Tell Kacey "Hi" back when you see him again.

So here in Nicaragua we are having rain everyday and then it gets hecka hot. Just blazing. Last Pday we went to Lake Xiloa and that was pretty cool. I took pictures and I will need to send them next week. We might go fishing there one of these Pdays. There are no rules on it so it sounds like a lot of fun.

So I got a haircut again but not as short this time. It feels a lot cooler that way.

Elder Garcia has been sick with something all week but he is getting better. We gave him a blessing and everything so it isn´t up to us anymore. I have been studying the scriptures like crazy lately so that is really fun. It is all I do in my free time and on Pdays haha. I am also working on memorizing the Family Proclamation by the end of this month. Presidente Monestel has been making a lot of goals for us to complete. That is one of them. He also wants us to read the complete standard works every year while here. So now I am starting from the beginning of the Bible. The funny thing is that my first time reading it will be in Spanish so that will be interesting.

I didn´t have much to write about this week but it was great. I am learning a lot everyday here and I am trying to improve everyday. I am loving it here in Ciudad Sandino and this work. Thanks for your love and support for me.

Big Hearts

Elder Ochs

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