Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 Jan 2010 Letter

(Hand Written)

Dear Mom & Dad,

This is Elder Ochs speaking, or actually writing. I felt like writing you some more since I didn't really put everything in my email. Just was going to tell you a few more things I guess. One thing is the plane ride over here. When we boarded the plane, my chair had a headphone jack in it. So I remembered that I accidentally left my head phones in my suit jacket that I was wearing. So I put the head phones on and wanted to see what was playing, like maybe a movie or something. Well when I plugged it in, instantly this blaring music came through and just about made my ears bleed. I yanked them off as fast as possible. I think it was a sign or warning or something. The rest of the way was fine, except me and Rachel barfed. When we got to Salt Lake City it was snowing and it has been snowing in Provo ever since. We also have a crazy thermometer in our room that starts hissing whenever we try to touch it. The other two missionaries in my room are cool too. Me and Elder Kunz actually have a trio right now since one of the other missionaries in our district was moved because he knew Spanish fluently. The third companion's name is Elder Dotson and he is the only one that knows about Dr. Horrible. I am going to try and memorize all of the scripture masterys before I leave the MTC as a goal.

I love you and I'll write to you later.


Elder Johnny Ochs

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