Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 Jan 2010 email

Well this is me Elder Ochs. Here at the MTC it is crazy. We get up real early and go to bed at like 10:30. These are the longest days ever. I have been here for only 3 days I think but it seems like weeks. It is like school times three or more. I honestly haven't really had time to just think about anything else except... studying. If all of this seems jumbled is because they only gives us half an hour to email and then we are kicked off.

The first few days were confusing but I eventually got into the pattern of things. I got sick on the plane ride over here and so did Rachel. They told us were not allowed to shake hands or really even come in contact with anyone because of how bad the sickness is being passed around, so I haven't been able hug Rachel either.

My companion is Elder Kunz. He is a really great missionary and we get along great. It's too bad we can't be companions for the rest of the mission. I was able to get the top bunk bed. We have two different teachers that come in and teach us both gospel things and Spanish. It's too bad Bruce Colton isn't here or he could have taught our class. I am learning my Spanish really well, I can give a full prayer and my testimony in Spanish already.

I realized that I didn't bring everything necessary for the MTC. Like more than two pairs of gym socks since we have gym everyday and we can wash only once a week and more than one pair of gym shorts. The food is really good here and it is unlimited. Me and Elder Kunz are trying to stock up before we leave for Nicaragua. I weighed myself in the gym and I've already gained 4 pounds!

Make sure Dad puts up my P.O. Box number on Facebook so I can get some letters. And maybe mention on there how you can use too. It is great. Well I love you all and I am going to be fine over here.


Elder Ochs

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