Monday, July 25, 2011

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 3:13 PM

So there were a lot of adventures this week with all of the family. That is cool that all of the family of Sheryl and April went camping together. How are they all doing? At least now they have learned the peskiness of those raccoons. Ah man I want to see that Captain America movie. That is exciting news that The Hobbit is finally being made. Hopefully all turns out well in that. That does sound like a really cool idea mom about the the flower collage. What color is the paint in the bathroom? Are you going to put in tile next?

Ya, no one here has even heard of beef jerky. When I let a few members try it they were all worried thinking that it wasn´t cooked, so they saved it to cook it later. I tried to tell them that it doesn´t work that way put they wouldn´t listen.

Here is a picture of a new flower I thought Mom might like that I found while we were out and about this week.

Our new house is really cool.

It isn´t that big but pretty nice. We are living with the other missionaries again. We actually have a little bit of carpet in the house too. The first night there I slept on it. Also bugs don´t get in that easily. It is really clean and we don´t have to wear sandals all of the time. The only problem is that there are a lot of bums on the corner outside of the house. We have a stereo system so we just turn on the church music really loud to compete with the neighbors. It is about one block down from our old house and 5 blocks westward and one more block agin up and we are on the corner. It is so nice to just sit in there and sometimes hard to leave, haha. But don´t worry we always get out on time.

Hahahaha, Dad when I said that you eat the bread with the drinks I meant on the side, hahaha. Of course you don´t blend it in, haha. Maybe that is good too though. Ya, the packaging here isn´t the best and the mail lady is always grumpy. I wouldn´t doubt she gave it a few punch and stomps hahaha. (Here is a picture of how Elder Ochs' package looked when it got here) Dad when I told you you look like the Seventy guy I meant in the jolly way.

Dad I am sorry that I stole your pride and joy. I won´t steal anymore of your Star Trek references.

Today we went to a soccerfield to play as a zone and it was a lot of fun. Our zone here is really united. We are all really good friends and we all enjoy each others company. Afterwards we went and ate some tasty pizza. The only down part is that they put gross words all over the knives.

Margarita is doing all right but didn´t go to church this Sunday again. We will see what we will do with her. We did have a new family come to church though and they are going to be married and baptized the 13th of August, so pray for them that everything goes well. I love it here so much and I am learning so much here. I love it so much and all of the people here. Well love you lots and lots and lots and more lots than last week.

Kolob Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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