Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Just a note to let you know that Elder Ochs called to talk to his mother on Mother's Day. He called us around 4:20 pm on Sunday.

On a sad note Elder Ochs was transferred this last Wednesday. So he was only able to spend one month with Elder Perez and in the city of Tezoatega. He said that he is really going to miss the ward there. On the good side of things, Elder Perez is staying there in Tezoatega, training another new missionary and became a District Leader after only being out 4 months on his mission! Elder Ochs has been assigned to work in the city of Managua now. His new companion is Elder Flores who is also from Guatemala. Elder Ochs said that they are on a special assignment to work with inactive members in two different areas. He says they walk everywhere because it is too dangerous to ride bikes. There are lots of hills in the area they cover also. This is a new position, so they didn't have time to find a place for them to stay at, so for the time being they are staying in an extra room with the District Leader and his companion.

Elder Ochs says that he is loving the work and that he is staying healthy. He finally got some avocados, but in his new area for lunch the other day. I guess he will never know what the pineapple sized avocados on the neighbor's tree in Tezoatega tasted like.

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  1. We have a son going to the Nicaragua, Managua North mission. I have been following Elder Ochs because he's the only missionary serving in Nicaragua that I could find. I'm grateful for his insight of the people, areas, climates and what is currently going on with the mission split. You can visit my son's blog at Perhaps they will be companions some day. Thank you!