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10 May 10 email

Mon, May 10, 2010 at 1:00 PM

Hola, este es me Elder Ochs. I am glad Mom that you had a great Mothers Day this last Sunday. I really liked the pictures that you sent. It looks like Charlie is in a karate grip to keep him still. The picture with me and Rachel was well done too haha. It looks like Rachel is kicking Charlie in the back haha.

So I am in a new area or areas already. I moved from Chinandega, Tezoatega to the capital Managua. I am actually covering two different areas because I am a Retention Missionary. I never had even heard of that before but we cover both Mira Flores and Linda Vista. My new comp is Elder Flores and he is also really awesome. I have already learned a whole bunch in the little time that I have been here. I don´t know my address exactly right now Dad but we tell people we are 1 cuadreno a bajo de Firestone, which means half a block down from Firestone a car shop. The church is only one block from our house which is really cool compared to a mile in my last area. Our cook lady is a half a block from us and the other area missionaries are just across the street. We all eat at the same house which is really cool. We are living with the District Leaders right now and it is a lot better of a house than our last area haha but I still wish I was there.

The crazy thing was that this first Sunday here in Managua I met one of the members from Tezoatega here in our ward. It was a family that we had been working with to reactivate back in Tezoatega. She comes here to study at the college here in Managua and attends church here when here. That was really awesome.

So I don´t have as many adventures here in Managua but it is even more crazy. It is a lot more civilized and hectic. The weather is a lot cooler here too because of all the wind. It is always windy here. When I tell people my last area, the first thing they say is how hot it is there. I think it prepared me for any other weather because no place is hotter than Chinandega, Tezoatega.

So there are so many cars flying around here and especially Taxis. The other day I was with another Elder on splits and we saw a Cotton Candy man. So we tried to wave him down and whistle to get his attention and we had 3 taxis pull over and try to get us. They don´t take no very well here so they sat there for 3 minutes asking us if we needed a ride haha.

So yesterday after I talked to you Mom and Dad we went outside and the other 2 missionaries started talking to this guy in a wheelchair. Well I saw this guy that looked like a an American with a big Pitbull, so I went to talk to him and see what brought him to Nicaragua (usually they are hiding from the police). When I was walking over to him these people kept telling me to watch out for the dog but he said it was fine and the dog looked nice. Well it turns out he was actually a Nicaraguan and I was trying to talk to him in Spanish. Well all of a sudden the Pitbull starts jump all over the place and was trying to bite this guy walking by. Well it didn´t take me too long to get out of there. I don´t know how that turned out haha.

But Managua is pretty cool. A lot of people like it here because it has the only 2 Burger kings, McDonalds, and a mythical Wendy´s in Nicaragua. You can find a lot of cool stuff here too.

Sadly the baptism rate is going to drop significantly here too. Everyone here just sits in the houses and aren´t that friendly. They don´t even give us their chairs anymore too. They just sit there and stare at us. So it is definitely harder than in Tezoatega. More than likely I won´t be here for more than one cambio (transfer) because it is a temporary call for now. They are still working on opening more areas and preparing for the split this next June. I don´t know yet if I am going to be part of the Nicaragua North or South mission. I wish I could take more pictures here but it is even more dangerous to carry around a camera here in Managua. There are so many cool shots I could have gotten here. Well I love you lots and thanks for all of your support. Big Hearts. <- these remind me of the lives in Zelda haha.

Elder Ochs

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