Monday, April 18, 2011

Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Hey, I always seem to be running short on time when I start writing the family. I usually reply to the others first and save the big email for last, but I have been getting emails from several people now. That Golf cart looks pretty fun. How fast can it get going? Have you tried driving it around yet. The tires are a little bald so I would be a little careful taking turns on the grass. Hunter and Samantha have grown a lot. A little too fast. See what you can do Dad to slow them down alright.

Actually I have been sending Israel some emails and he is doing great in Florida. His first companion was the AP the change before so he is pilas and they are working. Cara Pinckney is going on a mission, that is awesome. Let me know where she is going once she gets her calling.

I am sending a picture of Elder Cacacho so you can see what he is like. Guess what Dad, he is a computer nerd too. And yes he does get made of for his name a lot here, but he is cool about it. They don't mention it as the translation that your thinking of but a chocolate drink here called Cacao. He is one of my favorite drinks. Or they will repeat the Caca- part a few times. But I get the same for my name too. Elder Oops, Hopes, or some other weird pronunciation. Nicas like to tease so you get used to it. But Elder Cacacho is really cool and we are doing great here.

The Easter package hasn't gotten here yet but it they usually make it just fine so don't worry.

Here is also a picture of a parrot I saw while on divisions in Xiloa. It was just out and about. I wanted to take a picture with him but the owner said that he bites. You don't have to take much of a look to notice the chompers he has, so I just took it from the fence.

I made a cover for my agenda to protect it
. Maybe you won't understand it that well if you haven't seen the reference. To explain, there are a lot of Evangelical churches here and they are crazy and really annoying. They have huge speakers, electric pianos, guitars, and microphones with crazy people behind every one of these instruments. (I am not sure what the guy behind the speakers is doing, maybe turning the volume all the way up) So I wanted to make a laminated illustration about the formation of the Evangelical churches. I will send the reference later.

Here is just another random picture of me.

I bought some awesome new pens that really improved my ability to draw paintings. It has worked wonders for me, look for yourselves. Let me know if your interested on taking your doodles to the next level.

Elder Cacacho and I did service this week helping a less active member build his house. It is a cement home and he wanted to make the roof higher. His wife isn't a member, yet, so we are in hopes of interesting her in the Gospel at the same time. They are really cool also. Mario Pilarte is getting ready for his baptism this Saturday so we are excited about that. Juan Silva is still having problems drinking so he needs to wait a little bit. There are others here and there also working at it.

Well I love you guys lots and Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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