Monday, July 5, 2010

Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 3:59 PM

So I haven´t talked with those members about that TV show since then but we stop by there at least once a week so I will ask them about it.

That is awesome that you guys are able to go to the temple so often. I really enjoy the pictures that you send also. I forgot the cable for my camera again in the house so once again you will have to wait another week for them sorry. I sent an envelope of letters home the other day so you should be expecting some soon.

That is great that Katie and Bruce had great time and they came home safe and sound too.

It sounds like Dad will be having a fun time in the Grand Canyon and hopefully that hammock thing works out or he will be having an even more fun of a time haha.

So I am officially in the Nicaragua South Mission and the other two missionaries from my district are in the same mission too so that is awesome. Our Mission Presidente is Presidente Monestel. We are supposed to have a conference with him tomorrow to get to know him and have some interviews also. I have heard good and bad things about him but I am only listening to the good because that is what matters. Anyway no one has even met him yet so what do they know haha.

I am not sure if I already told you about this last week, but Elder Flores and I had an idea to get people more to come to church. We had people interviewed by the bishop and when they passed we made these missionary name tags for them with there name on it and everything. The liked it a lot and we are going to see how it goes.

So I think I may have an idea of how that guy from the Count of Monte Cristo slept. My bed is like a stone slab. When you lay on it you are as straight as a board and I have no pillow either haha. Another Elder didn´t believe me until he jumped up there and felt it. So it is a good thing also because I don´t want to lay in there anymore than I have to so I am up on time every morning haha.

So that day when I fell through the roof and we went looking for replacement roofing we contacted this guy to find out where we could find some supplies. In the contact we gave him a Book of Mormon and he is already in Alma. He has a family and kids too and they are all interested in going to church. So I don´t necessarily think that it was an accident that I fell through there and that it was all part of a plan haha.

The other day this grocery store had this deal that if you buy 200 cordobas of this kind of brand you get a free soccer jersey. So I went there and bought stuff I was running out of which was all this one brand and got a Brazil jersey. I will send the picture of it next week. I also bought some really cool color pencils for marking my scriptures and I drew the Plan of Salvation. I took a picture of that too.

We had another soccer tournament this Saturday and a bunch more people showed up for it. We got even more references and we had a lot of fun. I made 3 goals this time too which was pretty fun. I think my new Brazil soccer jersey has "taken my game to the next level" haha. So that was cool and the bishop bought drinks and bread for everyone and that was crazy passing out to people haha.

We also got invited to a baby shower this week so we bought a little outfit and a bib for the baby. We didn´t know if it was a boy or a girl so we bought the material in yellow. It turns out it was a girl so it turn out fine. I was put into this contest to see who could drink this juice from a baby bottle the fastest. I didn´t win but it was a fun I guess haha. Elder Flores was in this competition to see how fast you could dress this baby doll with a partner and one of your hands were tied. It was pretty funny seeing them flinging this doll all around.

So this 4 of July we were teaching this investigator and we had left a chapter with her to read last week. When we got there she had only read the beginning so we read the rest of the chapter with her. It was Chapter 13 of 1 Nephi which talks about the restoration of the gospel. The thing I thought was most cool was when they talked about a man who would cross the sea to come to a place with religious freedom and how the motherland would fight them for it also. How God would help them in their battle so they would win and open they way for the restoration. I explained to my companion that this was the very day that we made our declaration of freedom and it was pretty cool for me.

So I am learning so much here everyday and am excited for the things to learn in the future. I am grateful for all of your love and support. Big Hearts.

Love Elder Ochs

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