Monday, July 26, 2010

Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 2:25 PM

Hey there family and friends. This week has really awesome again like every other week here in Managua Nicaragua. The transfer of the music from that memory card worked out fine and Elder Flores is really liking it and all the other missionaries are jealous of how good of a deal he got on it.

About my backpack, it really stinks because the sponge stuff in the straps have gotten all gross from humidity and sweat. So now I just flip the straps around and the sponge stuff doesn´t get all stinky. I have had it sewn and had new material put on it but I think I will be buying a new pack from here soon.

I haven´t figured out what tv show I was on yet and I doubt it could be found because it is a pretty weird one but I will keep looking.

The first photo of me was a cool graffiti we found and I liked it a lot so I took a picture next to it. The second one is for Israel Flores because he will probably be the only one that thinks it is funny.

So first the Retention missionaries are being taken out and moved to another area to help fill in open spots. There is a possibility that Elder Flores and I will be together again another exchange in this new area they are opening so that is really cool. The new area is called Lezcano and it is still here in Managua. That would be really awesome if we could both go there and open it up.

We had a really long 7 hour conference today with the Presidente Monestel and had interviews. They had fun stuff and we learned a lot of stuff but it lasted for a long time.

I went to a Nicaragua funeral also the other day which was different. That night there was actually three people that died all on the same block. A bunch of people come to the house where they can see the dead person in the coffin which stays there for like three days. They get pretty stinky and scary. The funeral was for this really old lady that was a member and we had been stopping by every other day to give her blessings and say prayers and she finally went. She was doing pretty bad up to that point.

So I finished getting all of the Bible scriptures from my comp the other day and now I am ready to take on anyone, haha. Now I need to get them colored in and divide them with tags and what not.

The other night we set up for a Mormon Theater night in the chapel. We got a projector and everything and set it up in the gym. We had a big turn out with a lot of members, recent converts, and less actives. We made popcorn in this huge caldron and bought soda for everyone which they all went crazy for. The place was a little stinky from some burnt popcorn but I don´t think anyone noticed.

It has been raining a whole bunch lately and we have been getting pretty wet. It stinks though because we have 3 baptisms set up for next week when we won´t be here so we will miss those. We are just going to have to let some one else baptize them for us. They are all really pilas too. It was been really awesome working here with Elder Flores in the time that we have but I will have a lot more experiences with other companions in the future. My Spanish is doing a lot better and I am able to communicate a lot better with the people now, even better than my district leader who is going home next change haha. No but he is a really good missionary.

Well I love you all and thank you for all your love and support for me. Big Hearts y adios.

Elder Ochs

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