Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 5:49 PM

Hey family beloved, how is it going up there? Here it is nice and really hot like usual, haha. It sounds like you guys are even more busy than before. You are doing activities and projects every week. It keeps you guys busy I guess. That is really awesome to hear about Israel going through with you guys and that Elder Hiatt made a surprise visit. It sounds like he is all ready now. If you guys are interested the Temple stuff is really cheap here in Nicaragua. Like $2 dollars for pants and $5 for everything. They lower it a lot here so that the members can actually buy them but missionaries also have access. Something to know. Dad and Mom we will definitely need to make a stop by that Ghirardelli place on the way back. I really liked your hat Dad, haha. Speaking of chocolate, it is perfectly fine to send some chocolate. when it gets here we can just put it in our fridge. Also something more that you can add to the Easter package is those Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops that we used to get from Blockbuster. We were talking about those the other day and it sounds really good.

So I am staying here in Bello Amanecer for another change with Elder Talla. We get along great and we have a lot of stuff planned for this upcoming change so I am excited. Elder Montierth is leaving though so that is sad. I going to miss him. I am going to be seeing after the mission though. We have some stuff planned out already. Concerning the guarded community I haven´t had the chance to go visit it this last week because I was not in my own area the majority of the time. We did a lot of divisions. Elder Talla said that they had some really good lessons out there though while he has been with the other Elders. I got to go to the cleanest town in Nicaragua called Nagarote. It really is known for being the cleanest town. There is this one road that makes me think of money lane with all of the lights and paved roads, and steps.

I am sending a few more photos from this week. The first is of Elder Talla posing with the Volcano Momotombo in the background. The next is a picture from one of our District meetings. Next is of Elder Monteith, Kunz, Me and Elder Santos. And the last picture is of the sunset there that I thought was nice.

Not to surprise you guys but I took out $120 dollars this last week to get some really cool stuff. I won´t tell you now but I will send you a picture next week. Trust me, it is really cool.

We found out what the thing is that is leaving fruit and egg looking stuff. Our house has a lot of bats sleeping inside with us at night, haha. It is alright though because Elder Talla sleeps top bunk, haha. We are pretty sure that they are just fruit bats so they won´t do any harm. The house owners told us that we could leave the lights on or have music playing at night because it irritates the bats. I forgot to tell you guys also that our house was haunted. Missionaries had been having visits at night and weird stuff would happen. One of them happened when another missionary, Elder Sanchez, was on staying the night on divisions. He didn´t want to come back. I personally didn´t have an encounter but I wasn´t planning on it either so Elder Talla and me cleared out the place making it a place where the Holy Ghost can dwell and we haven´t had any problems yet.

I have been collecting those teachings of the prophets books and studying them in the morning before study time and at night before going to bed. They are really interesting and awesome. I have Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, David O McKay, Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. Kimball, and a few others. I am collecting them as I go from the different chapels. I will have plenty to read for a while.

I learned some really really awesome stuff but I don´t have that much time to explain. Pretty much to obtain Eternal Life we need to make our spirit stronger to overcome the wants of the body. The body is corrupt but the spirit is not. The Holy Ghost teaches our spirit, so God is the example spiritually and Jesus physically on how to live righteously. When our spirit has dominance over the body we will not fall into temptations. So strengthen and work out your spirit so that it beats up the body, haha. That is it in a nutshell.

I am really thankful this time I have been given to strengthen myself spiritually here on the mission so the world won´t be a problem. Thank you guys so much for your support to keep me out here. I am definitely using the time wisely. Please keep me in your prayers and you will be in mine.

Love you lots and Hecka Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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