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19 Apr 10 email

Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 2:21 PM

Hola este es Elder Ochs otra vez. This week in Nicaragua was really nice. This upcoming Saturday we should have 4 more baptisms.

This last Sunday we had the Area President of Central America come and talk to us. He talked about many good things that I bet helped out the people here in Nicaragua. Also our Mission President and his wife were there also.

This last Wednesday we made the 3 hour trip to Managua for a conference. We got up at 3 o'clock in the morning to get there on time. It was pretty fun and I got to speak in English to other missionaries. It lasted till 5 o'clock in the afternoon and then we made the 3 hour trip back.

So ya there are a lot of street vendors here in Nicaragua and there are a lot of them that sell movies. Well this last Pday we checked them out and they have like up to 6 movies on one disc for less than a $1. And they weren´t just weird Spanish ones but new releases. Movies that haven´t even come out in the USA yet. I didn´t know if you wanted me to keep an eye out for a certain one. They had that one Peter Jackson movie about the kid with a sword, Mom.

Our dinner cita / laundry lady is back now and we have food again plus non stinky clothes. And we had another critter in our room last night. Actually it has been in there for a few days running circuits around our room at night. It was only a mouse but it kept flashing across the room while we were studying. So we waited till it went through some plastic bags in the corner of our room and used our trusty mop and worthy broom to get him. He almost got away but we had opened the door and flung him outside. In the end, our trusty mop had taken damage and is now retired.

This last Saturday, I think, we had to walk 3 miles out to this members house because Elder Pérez didn´t have enough money for the bus and the trucks were going to fast to jump in. So after we were done with the visit I did not want to walk all the way back. So we walked a little ways and found a very rare thing here in Nicaragua. A speed bump. We stood next to it and within a few minutes we got a ride. I actually was even able to get a biker to stop and he was going to give me and Elder Pérez a ride but Elder Pérez said we couldn´t, but I think he was scared haha.

It is funny though, like Rachel was saying, that everyone is mesmerized by blue eyes. When you walk up to them that is the first thing they look at.

My diet here now includes these CanCan cookies. They are sponsored by Spongebob and have stickers inside, which is part of the reason why I buy them. But there aren´t stickers in all of them, only select packages. But they don't call him Spongebob they call him Bob Esponja. It is pretty funny.

I haven´t made any progress with the bowl haircut kid yet. I saw him at the Conference but he hid.

No none of the avocados have fallen to my side but there was an old lady up there on the roof the other day getting some. I was going to ask her for some but I was scared because it didn´t look like she was wearing any clothes haha. I may use the worthy broom and try to get some to fall. They look more like miniature pineapples, they are huge.


Elder Ochs

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